Films on Fridges

Key Facts:

Project summary: A temporary cinema constructed from fridge doors, echoing the fridge mountain that was present in the vicinity prior to the Olympics.

Location: Hackney Wick, London, UK

Programme: Bar & Cinema

Initiator: Scout Ltd

Project Duration: 18 days (July 27th – August 13th 2011)

Lead in Time: 6 months (5 days on site construction prior to opening, 2 day take down at the end)

Site Area: 3600m2 total project site

Client Team: Scout Ltd

Project Team: 2 founding members of Scout and 1 architect as the core organisation team, 4 additional key members, over 80 volunteers.

Funding Sources: Kickstarter Campaign £4500

Project Costs (Build): Labour (volunteers), Construction Materials, Porta-loos, Permissions & Services

Project Costs (Operation): Film Licensing, beer: (donated by Tiger), staffing

Profitability/Loss: Approximately Nil

Permissions / Permits: 28 day permission and event licences, hazardous Waste Storage Permit

Local Links:

  • Forman’s: hot food
  • Hackney Picturehouse: Equipment, staff, drinks etc. at trade prices
  • The Floating Cinema: Collaboration for Finisterre screening
  • Hackney Bike Workshop: Free servicing before bike based film
  • The Good Gym: Construction Volunteers, Local artists

Publicity/advertising: Twitter and social media handled by the project team.

Project Evaluation:

Site Details & Ownership:
Canal-side site overlooking the Olympic Stadium (and in the direction of the site of the fridge mountain that is now the aquatic centre) Site fully owned by H Forman & Sons Ltd with access through the car park of their adjacent factory.

Project Reach / Visitors / Target Audience:
The target audience was 20-30 year olds with no under 18s to avoid film licensing issues and risks associated with serving alcohol. The attending audience was much broader than expected coming from a wide range of places geographically and with a much broader age range than anticipated.

Problems Encountered / Overcome:
Due to the hazardous chemicals in the fridge doors Scout was required to apply to the Environment Agency for Hazardous Waste Storage Facility status known as S2 waste exemption. Additionally the safe disposal of the fridges had to be arranged following the project.

The London Riots happened over the second weekend and contributed to some concern from the audiences. The screenings went ahead as planned, and no shows were resold.

The strict time limit of the project strongly influenced the design. Where possible flat pack kits were created with assembly handbooks so that the large group of construction volunteers could build elements to a high standard with minimal guidance. The use of existing quick assembly elements such as the seating also accelerated the construction process.

Limited budget was a major issue and influenced many aspects of the project.

Feedback from users / staff:
Feedback was very positive. All the shows were sold out and fully (sometimes over) staffed. There was a strong trend of people returning both to attend screenings and volunteer. There was a general involved and positive attitude towards the project from all participating, which undoubtedly resulted in a relaxed enjoyable project for volunteer and film-goers alike.
“We have since received many emails with very positive feedback and up to a year later get queries from people wanting to be involved in and come to future projects”.

What next?
The project site has been used for a number of temporary projects, notably Formans Fish Island Riviera during the Olympic Games.

Though the site is intended for permanent development in the future the temporary projects on the site maximise the site’s income for the owner in the short term.

Complementary Programmes:

Project Website / Further Info: