The Passion in Port Talbot

Key Facts:

Project summary: A three-day long performance piece that took place in and around Port Talbot. The cast and crew of the piece was the local community, and its stage was the actual town.

Location: Port Talbot, England

Programme: Performance Piece

Initiator: Michael Sheen

Project Duration: 72 Hours

Lead in Time: TBC

Site Area: The whole of Port Talbot

Client Team: National Theatre of Wales

Project Team: Michael Sheen and WildWorks

Funding Sources: Laura Ashley Foundation, Costain and Arts & business Cymru

Funding Type: Private Donations, Grant

Project Costs (Build): unknown

Project Costs (Operation): unknown

Profitability/Loss: TBC

Permissions / Permits: TBC

Local Links: The local community of Port Talbot

Publicity/advertising: WildWorks was very present in the town community centres in the lead-in to the performance, getting locals involved via a website where people could upload their personal experience of the piece. The National Theatre of Wales managed to generate a huge amount of buzz around the piece for its creative value.

Project Evaluation:

Site Details & Ownership:
Port Talbot is a town in Wales with a population of around 36,000.

Project Reach / Visitors / Target Audience:
The performance piece was supported by over a 1,000 community volunteers and the production was a celebration of the town and its people, bringing over 22,000 people into Port Talbot. The project was live-streamed on a website, making it easy for people, who couldn’t make it to Port Talbot, be part of the experience. A film crew documented the three-day piece and has now been released as a feature length film, thus reaching a wider audience.

Problems Encountered / Overcome:

Feedback from users / staff:
“One of the outstanding theatrical events not only of this year, but of the decade”
The Observer

“Drama at its very best – creative, ambitious, raw, passionate and relevant. Above all, it was also accessible and inclusive.”
Western Mail

What next?
The project was released as a feature length film in the spring of 2012 and events commemorating ‘The Passion’ have been independently organized by the local communities of Port Talbot.

Complementary Programmes: TBC

Project Website / Further Info: