The Opening at the Fairfield

Key Facts:

Project summary:
The Opening at The Fair Field was a project initiated by Croydon Council – a temporary/meanwhile activation as an open call to invite other meanwhile uses of the top floor of the Fairfield Multi- storey Car Park and to discuss with Croydon residents about the future of these spaces.

Location: The Fairfield area, Croydon

Programme: Football, Music, Opening speeches, Workshops

Initiator: Croydon Council

Project Duration: 1 day with other events planned

Lead in Time: 6 months research

Site Area: 2,000 m2

Client Team: Kinnear Landscape Architects, Croydon Council

Project Team: The Decorators, collaborated with tutor and students at Croydon College

Funding Sources: Croydon Council £8k

Funding Type: Fees

Project Costs (Build):

  • Labour (volunteers) £N/A
  • Construction Materials: £4000
  • Permissions & Services: £180

Project Costs (Operation): Staffing: £700

Profitability/Loss: No Profit

Permissions / Permits:

Local Links: Croydon College, MADASS BBQ from Surrey St Market, Fairfield Halls

Publicity/advertising: Croydon Guardian, Croydon TV

Project Evaluation:

Site Details & Ownership:
Site owned by NCP so licence had to be obtained to use the site.

Project Reach / Visitors / Target Audience:
200 people

Problems Encountered / Overcome:
There were many issues with Health & Safety enforced by the Council. This caused the event to be postponed from June to October. The event became a mechanism to navigate and understand the complicated structures within the Council. The lessons learnt will be used to inform change within the Council to enable an easier process to allow events within the public realm of Croydon

Feedback from users / staff:
“This event has been great- although we haven’t been able to reach many people, it is the first time an event like this has happened in Croydon which will hopefully be the start of some changes.”

What next?
Croydon is going through many changes. There is a history of big plans in Croydon without realisation. Thus the public have become jaded by these processes. The current team within the Council are passionate about changing this cycle and have put in new systems to ensure that plans go ahead. This event was one of these changes so we hope that we will continue to work in Croydon and build on the relationships formed so that they may inform the masterplan process and take part in meanwhile activity throughout this process

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