Klong Toey Community Lantern

Key Facts:

Project summary: The transformation of an empty site in a dense residential area of Bangkok into a public playground, meeting and performance space. Location: Klong Toey Lock 1-2-3, Bangkok, Thailand Programme: Community consultation, Performance, Play Initiator: Leva Urban Design Project Duration: 1 year research & build - still on site Lead in Time: 1 year with 3 weeks build Site Area: 14.4 m2 Client Team: Klong Toey Community Project Team: TYIN Tegnestue Architects with Students and Community Funding Sources: Norwegian Architects Funding Type: Sponsorship Project Costs (Build): Labour (volunteers) £ N/A, Construction Materials: £3,625 Project Costs (Operation): Other than sponsorship for the build, all participants paid for they own accommodation and flights Profitability/Loss: N/A Permissions / Permits: No permissions needed Local Links: Klong Toey Community Publicity/advertising: TYIN

Project Evaluation:

Site Details & Ownership: Under used sites within the community of Klong Toey, a typical slum of Bangkok with a maze of narrow walkways Project Reach / Visitors / Target Audience: A small scale intervention as a tool for the community to tackle some of the social issues in the area. Problems Encountered / Overcome: Positive activation of a site which was previously under used and habituated by drug users. Feedback from users / staff: Positive response from the community who took on ownership of the project by getting involved in the design and build from the initiation of the project What next? Playground is still there and is managed by local community Project Website / Further Info: http://www.tyinarchitects.com/projects/klong-toey-community-lantern/