Espacio Artistico

Key Facts:

Project summary: “Espacio Artístico – La Carpa” is the head office of Varuma Teatro and future Andalusia School of Circus Arts. Contructed in collaboration with Recetas Urbanas (Santiago Cirugeda) and 6 other groups on an empty site leased by the Seville Council on the outskirts of the City.

Location: Miraflores Park, Seville, Spain

Programme: Circus, Open Performative Arts Centre and Future Circus School.

Initiator: “Bifu” Director of Varuma Teatro

Project Duration: Ongoing (Opened Feb 2012)

Lead in Time: 12 months (still some areas in construction)

Site Area: 2250 m2

Client Team: Self initiated project

Project Team: Varuma teatro led by ‘Bifu’ and Recetas Urbans led by ‘Santiago Ciruged’ in collaboration with 7 other groups: El cuarteto Maravilla, ElGatoconMoscas, La Jarapa, El cuarteto Maravilla, ConceptuArte, Straddle3 and many volunteers.

Funding Sources: Crowd sourcing and in-kind £6k

Funding Type: Crowd sourcing and in-kind

Project Costs (Build): Total £ 6000
Labour (volunteers) £ N/A Construction Materials in-kind

Permissions / Permits: Planning permission: Building Licence, Opening Licence, Insurance

Project Evaluation:

Site Details & Ownership:
Site was an unused area within the Miraflores Park in Seville. After lots of negotiations with Varuma Teatro the Council leased the land for free for 8 years with the possibility to extend this to 50 years.

Project Reach / Visitors / Target Audience:
Aimed at engaging the local community through performative arts and circus. The programme includes weekly performances, educational programs and activities for diffrent ages and groups.

Problems Encountered / Overcome:

  • Problems with licensing as the council found it very difficult to classify the type and conditions of this project. The council ended up labeling this project ‘singular and very special’
  • Ongoing problems with water and electricity
  • The site has been robbed 4 times

What next?
The project opened in February with a weekly program. The school is still under construction because of lack on funding. To carry on engaging the community through self-building methods, the site is constantly under construction and improving/adding new areas and infrastructures.

The project has had a great response from people during the build as well as during the first year of the circus providing performances, courses and other activities. The aim of the project now is to establish the venue as a respectable arts and culture centre by the surrounding communities to be able to achieve the longer term aspirations.

Complementary Programmes:
Bar/School/Venue/ After School activities and more

Project Website / Further Info: