Creative Common

Key Facts:

Project summary: An events tent on a high profile site within the business district of Bristol. To follow: Bar/restaurant and retail units.

Location: Enterprise Zone, PLOT 3, Temple Meads, Bristol.

Programme: Events, Bar

Initiator: Bristol City Council & Homes & Communities Agency (HCA)

Project Duration: 6 weeks (Opened 24th June 2011)

Lead in Time: 5/7 months

Site Area: 985m2

Client Team: Bristol City Council

Project Team: Invisible Circus, Circomedia, Art Space Life Space, Coexist, Common Capital, Coda Architects.

Funding Sources: Homes and Communities Agency (HCA)

Funding Type: Grant

Project Costs (Build):

  • £200,000 above ground works
  • £280,000 below ground works
  • £8,000 Permissions etc.

Project Costs (Operation): Unknown

Profitability/Loss: N/A

Permissions / Permits: Local Development Order (Planning), Temporary Event Licence, Fire Plan

Local Links: Arts based:- Invisible Circus, Circomedia, Art Space Life Space, Coexist,

Publicity/advertising: Website, local advertising, venue magazine

Project Evaluation:

Site Details & Ownership:
Land under ownership of the Homes and Communities Agency. Near railway station and adjacent to floating harbour. Relatively flat ground with public square neighbouring the site.

Project Reach / Visitors / Target Audience:
Engaging residents from across Bristol with a variety of programmed events. A mix of uses to be established over time on the site. Bar/ restaurant and retail space.

Problems Encountered / Overcome:
Provision of power, water and foul drainage to what was previously a car park site. Lack of capacity amongst project team to deliver above ground work.

Feedback from users / staff:

What next?
The tent has been taken down for the winter and the site is vacant. With two years left it will be up to the project team to deliver outputs for next year.

Complementary Programmes:

Project Website / Further Info: